Full Length Harley spec Bone Series Raw Machined RSC Lever With OEM Style Mirror Mount Bore

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The full length Harley spec Bone series RSC lever is equipped with a low profile nub at the lever tip. The original RSC design. The raw machined anodized finish provides a durable, glossy, bold look. This model is provided with an OEM style mirror mount bore. The full length lever is a 2-3 finger lever. This is the shortest offering in the Harley spec lineup, as it has been found to be the perfect "shorty" style Harley spec lever(true shorty one finger RSC Harley spec levers available by special order through email). The Harley spec RSC lever will function on all Harleys with the "eyelet" style cable end. The RSC provides a larger engagement point than a stock lever, which can eliminate stalling during a hard launch. Stunters have also found this larger engagement point very beneficial, when slipping the clutch during technical maneuvers. Providing true easy pull geometry, the RSC is capable of reducing your clutch pull by up to 50%. The RSC lever will prove itself to be beneficial, regardless of what you ride....street, track, or trail! Precision machined out of 6061 aluminum, and equipped with dual sealed ball bearings.....the RSC might just be the best feeling lever you have ever laid a finger on. Backed by the industry exclusive RSC Lifetime Warranty, the RSC could be the last clutch lever you ever purchase! Assembled using high grade assembly lube and stainless steel hardware.

Customer Reviews

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Steven Pannhorst

Great product only downside is mirror mount brings mirror in a bit to much

jason brack

Full Length Harley spec Bone Series Raw Machined RSC Levers With OEM Style Mirror Mount Bore


There is truthfully not a better "modification" you can do to a Harley. Even paired with the heavy duty extra plate kits (both BDL and Barnett) it is easily engaged with a single finger! It never squeaks as some factory ones do, and it really is a true two finger lever. Up to 50% easier engagement is absolutly accurate! Plus the customer service, paired with a lifetime warranty what else can you ask for?!

Luke Lenke
Great product

High quality lever. Very easy to pull and looks great. Would recommend for any bike.

Eloy Magana

Full Length Harley spec Bone Series Raw Machined RSC Levers With OEM Style Mirror Mount Bore