• The New RSC Trigger Series

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Proudly Made in the USA

All RSC products are proudly machined in the USA, from top quality American Made 6061 aluminum bar stock.

Raw Machined Anodized Finish

The RSC Lever Breakdown

I have always been lucky enough to be trusted with giving RSC a non biased feedback on their new and upcoming products before being released to the general public. So here is a bit of insight from a guy who uses the clutch every single day, on multiple machines and disciplines of riding.....

The new RSC trigger lever has made riding in the friction zone so much better for me lately. From just street riding, to aggressive offroad, urban moto and of course stuntriding. I am a person who never takes my finger off of the clutch lever of the bike, whether just riding down the street, or working the clutch and brake at the same time on my stuntbike.....

The trigger lever feels very natural on my clutch finger, almost like an extension of my index finger. Off camber clutch actuation (friction zone) has been much better, now being able to still keep a consistent grip on the clutch lever, allowing me to keep the revs up and the engine still partially disengaged while hanging off of the bike.....

I feel this is a real game changer for multiple disciplines of riding, not just wheelies. Offroad, MX, stunt, ADV, and general street riders can all benefit from this new trigger lever contour.....

I admit I was skeptical at first when Josh said he had an idea on improving the most loved clutch lever on the planet. Because how do you improve on an already perfect product that has been a global staple in the stunt world, and copied for the last 10yrs? RSC just showed us exactly how with the new Trigger series levers 🤯

-Rodney Sargent