Replacement Raw Machined Trigger Series Universal Lever Blades

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The Trigger series RSC levers were designed to provide confidence that no other lever can provide. It does just that! The trigger style lever tip comfortably locks your finger into the tip of the lever. Welcome to a new level of confidence!! Replacement Raw Machined Trigger Series lever blades install seamlessly into your existing RSC perch assembly. Replacement blades are provided with dual sealed ball bearings. Available in all 9 color choices. When choosing a color, keep in mind the potential for your existing perch assembly to have faded from UV exposure. A contrasting color to your existing RSC assembly is recommended. 

Customer Reviews

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Jeffery Teves
RSC over everything!

New to the ez pull clutch but loved how easy it was on friends bikes. Out of curiosity, I bought the RSC and another similar brand. Installation and adjustment was the same BUT the movement and finger placement on the RSC is PERFECT! Love the trigger 1 finger! Thanks RSC Team!

Cesar Rodriguez
Clutch lever

Love the trigger finger. And thanks for the key Chain gift

Carter Reiland
RSC Trigger Finger

RSC will always be my go to for EZ pull clutch levers and always one of the first stunt mods I replace on any stock bike. I’ve never really felt any other competitors EZ pulls simply since I’ve fallen in love with this brand from day one! I love the beautiful machining and rugged durability of these clutches and although I’ve never seen one of the these levers break before the lifetime warranty is so handy for stunt riders! The trigger finger style lever is by far my favorite since it provides a nice lip to hang your clutch finger close to the edge to maximize the leverage on the handbrake and also allows a more secure handle on the bars!😎🤟

Tung Nguyen

Great product, fast shipping and great customer service

Angel Edge
Excellent product

Absolutely love this product, we all know it’s the best clutch in the game. The powder coat color consistency has improved 100%! I used to ordered praying it was the same purple as my last one and it was a perfect match this time. So so happy!