Two Finger Universal Trigger Series Raw Machined RSC Levers

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The Trigger series RSC levers were designed to provide confidence that no other lever can provide. It does just that! The trigger style lever tip comfortably locks your finger into the tip of the lever. Welcome to a new level of confidence!! This two finger Trigger series lever is a TRUE two finger lever. It is 3/8"(9.5mm) longer than the OG Bone shorty lever. The raw machined anodized finish provides a durable, glossy, bold look. The RSC provides a larger engagement point than a stock lever, which can eliminate stalling off the gate at your next MX race, or help manage that downshift into the next berm. Stunters have also found this larger engagement point very beneficial, when slipping the clutch during technical maneuvers. Providing true easy pull geometry, the RSC is capable of reducing your clutch pull by up to 50%. The RSC lever will prove itself to be beneficial, regardless of what you ride....street, track, or trail! Precision machined out of 6061 aluminum, and equipped with dual sealed ball bearings.....the RSC might just be the best feeling lever you have ever laid a finger on. Backed by the industry exclusive RSC Lifetime Warranty, the RSC could be the last clutch lever you ever purchase! Assembled using high grade assembly lube and stainless steel hardware.

Customer Reviews

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Great product

Bought this lever because it had great reviews for how easy the pull was. I installed stiffer clutch springs in my dirtbike and the pull is still half of what my stock lever was. Very very happy

This product will have you speechless

Easy install very smooth the quality of the product really speaks for its self , 100% worth the money I had emailed the company about some questions I had and they helped me out 100% these guys are the real deal and j wouldn’t recommend using anything eBay it will never to compre to the rsc levers

I'm Amazed!

I really cannot event explain the difference this lever makes, but I'll try. I'm running this on my DRZ-400sm and it completely changed the clutch feel and engagement. My old lever disengaged very early and very steep into the pull so the back half was all dead space, it just didn't feel good when trying to clutch-up wheelies. Now there is about 2-4mm of play, then silky smooth and very linear pull that is more predictable and more spread out than my old clutch lever. I cannot recommend this lever enough. ZERO up and down play, and silky smooth clutch feel! The two finger hook style is great for both one finger and two finger use. No visible machining marks. Great job RSC team!

Best Clutch

Always the best clutch for any build or rider.

Wish that the blue anodized two finger was available had to settle with a black


A little more stiff than my oem clutch lever but after some lube and some riding I’m sure it’ll be nice and easy. Great clutch lever.