RSC Dirt Bike Cable Spacer

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The RSC dirt bike cable spacer is used on modern dirt bikes, to take in the extra cable slack that the RSC adjuster bolt cannot accommodate, alone. If the machine comes with a "quick adjuster" style adjuster from the factory, it will most likely require the RSC dirt bike cable spacer for proper installation of the RSC on that machine. Email with any questions.

Customer Reviews

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Edward Harvey
Clutch lever

I’ve purchased 3 of the RSV levers for various bikes. Top notch levers and customer service. Will be purchasing another for a future bike

Ross Elliott
Very High Quality, But EZ Pull Won't Work On My Bike

Lever/perch look great and feel great. I installed on a 2016 Yamaha WR 450F. I bought the extra perch spacer and dirt bike cable spacer. Even with those, I was not able to find any combination that would work using the EZ pull cable hole. No combination would give me enough cable range to release the clutch far enough for me to easily find neutral. Using the standard pull hole I was able to make it work fine. So bottomline, impressed with quality and feel. However, I'm disappointed that the EZ pull feature I was after seems a bust..

joseph ward
Best Clutch lever ever

I had a friend tell me how great these levers were and after buying multiple Chinese knock offs I finally purchased the real deal.
My mind is blown about how smooth and durable this lever is. I’ll be ordering one for every single bike I own from here on out! Thanks for an awesome product!

Robert Tripole
Last clutch lever you’ll buy

So much easier to pull then stock and way better then any simple lever replacement. You want the best! Buy the best!

Josh Krause
Still waiting

It's been 3 weeks and no clutch lever yet so I can't say if it's good or bad