RSC Perch Spacer

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The RSC perch spacer is an option for those that wish to increase the lever-to-bar distance. The perch spacer moves the lever approximately 7.62mm(.3") further from the bar. This can be useful for riders with long fingers, or someone looking to move the engagement point further from the handlebar, as well as add additional lever/cable throw. It also bumps the "friction zone" out a bit further from the grip for personal preference. Includes the longer stainless bolts needed, for installation.

Customer Reviews

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Quick and Easy, Excellent Customer Service

Love the lever and the spacer was a must for my set up. Thanks Josh!

Cody Troville

RSC Perch Spacer

Michael Moore
Best clutch lever money can buy

Trigger series lever has an amazing pull on the clutch an really cleans up the bike from that stock look

James H.
Perfect fit. Definitely a must imo.

Just add it to the cart right now... You need it, the clutch pull feels amazing now! I'll be buying RSC levers on all my bikes 💪🏼

Tyler Brown
Perfect fit

The perch spacer fits good and spaces mg clutch just enough so I can still run the factory controls on the bars even with a hand brake and it clears my grips