Four Finger Universal Bone Series Raw Machined RSC Lever

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The Bone series RSC lever was the original design. Recently redesigned with a slightly larger nub at the end. This four finger Bone series lever is a TRUE four finger lever. The raw machined anodized finish provides a durable, glossy, bold look. The RSC provides a larger engagement point than a stock lever, which can eliminate stalling off the gate at your next MX race, or help manage that downshift into the next berm. Stunters have also found this larger engagement point very beneficial, when slipping the clutch during technical maneuvers. Providing true easy pull geometry, the RSC is capable of reducing your clutch pull by up to 50%. The RSC lever will prove itself to be beneficial, regardless of what you ride....street, track, or trail! Precision machined out of 6061 aluminum, and equipped with dual sealed ball bearings.....the RSC might just be the best feeling lever you have ever laid a finger on. Backed by the industry exclusive RSC Lifetime Warranty, the RSC could be the last clutch lever you ever purchase! Assembled using high grade assembly lube and stainless steel hardware.

Customer Reviews

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ryann cushway
THE Solution to my needs!!!

Like the song "wind beneath my wings", this is the clutch that gave me wings again! after an injury, my left arm would begin to throb with pain from pulling the clutch. i tried everything. adjustments, lubrications, new cables, clutch basket, ez kits...nothing fixed my issue. my friends would say that my clutch was maybe a little stiff, but nothing major. to me it was though. i could ride maybe 30 mins, have to stop bc of it and still have to deal with the pain for an hour afterwards. my next option was an air shifter but i saw some reviews on the RSC levers and decided why not as a last attempt before venturing down that road. Man am i glad i did!! install was a breaze. maybe 30 mins including looking for a 10mm wrench! when i finally hit the road i was amazed. truly amazed. 15 mins, no pain, 20 still nothing, 45 pain!! i was banging thru the gears, riding how i wanted to ride, with no impending fear that my arm was going to hurt when i pulled the lever. i was elated! the clutch articulation is so perfect and smooth. i cannot say enough about how much of a positive difference this single lever has done. it is like a gift from the riding gods. Josh was great to work with, answering my questions and concerns. i'll be ordering another very soon for my other bike. thank you thank you thank you!!! im a customer for life!!

Vincent Boisvert
Best clutch lever on the market

Bought one of these for my stunt bike years ago. Immediately sent my old ebay chinese one straight to the garbage. Easier pull with lots of precision, clears hand brake master cylinder (not many other ones does). Felt so good and solid that I bought this one for my street bike! I just wish there was a version with a integrated clutch switch for the street bikes :)

Jake Hurley
Love these levers

Best atv clutch levers made!

Awesome quality

Just received the lever yesterday and have not install it. But the product quality is awesome! For those that dislike the vertical free play or travel with your levers, the RSC lever are for you. They have almost no free vertical play/travel. One small comment, would be even more awesome if you can manufacture these levers so that they also accommodate the clutch switch instead of taking the function out. Overall, still an awesome quality product!

Jeff Manuel
no fatigue

Stoked on the new lever, big difference.
still has the control and wide point of engagement, less fatigue. This is an upgrade, dig it