Replacement Raw Machined Trigger Series Universal Lever Blades

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The Trigger series RSC levers were designed to provide confidence that no other lever can provide. It does just that! The trigger style lever tip comfortably locks your finger into the tip of the lever. Welcome to a new level of confidence!! Replacement Raw Machined Trigger Series lever blades install seamlessly into your existing RSC perch assembly. Replacement blades are provided with dual sealed ball bearings. Available in all 9 color choices. When choosing a color, keep in mind the potential for your existing perch assembly to have faded from UV exposure. A contrasting color to your existing RSC assembly is recommended. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Alejandro Gonzalez

I love RSC best levers in the game!

Alex Leishman
Best in the game!

Absolutely stellar customer service and product quality from Righteous Stunt Metal. I’ve bought multiple of these clutch levers over the years and the build quality is second to none. Life long customer here! Keep bringing the heat!

Kyle Oubre
Best in the business

Best products and customer service in the stunt community

High Quality, Trigger type lever not for my type of riding.

First let me say there is absolutely nothing physically wrong with the product I received, fit, finish are top notch and the product doing what it says it does on the tin. If we're rating on that criteria alone it's a 5/5. I'm rating functionality for offroad / hard enduro use based on my experience.

Second, let me say I have had an original 'Bone' style lever on a DRZ400 that has worked awesome for my type of riding; hard, technical offroad terrain with lots of low speed obstacles that demands constant and precise clutch work and timing.

I ordered this style lever for a CR250R enduro build thinking it would be beneficial to have less chance of my finger slipping off the lever in hard terrain.

What I found was that exact thing is actually a very big problem - I can no longer slide my finger off to the side of the lever in order to drop the clutch, nor can I reliably let the lever snap back forward from under my finger without snagging my glove. I've also found more often than not that part of my gloves middle finger will occasionally become pinched between my index finger and the nub on the lever which causes all manner of things I DON'T want to happen when I attempt an obstacle that requires a precisely timed clutch drop.

I've already ordered an original 'bone' style replacement lever, I know that will kick ass for my type of riding.

Again I don't fault anything in the fit or finish - if you like this style of lever by all means go ahead and order it - the quality is absolutely there. This review is based on what I experienced as a dirt rider.

christopher powell
The best!

Will never run any other lever! RSC for the win!