Replacement Raw Machined Trigger Series Universal Lever Blades

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The Trigger series RSC levers were designed to provide confidence that no other lever can provide. It does just that! The trigger style lever tip comfortably locks your finger into the tip of the lever. Welcome to a new level of confidence!! Replacement Raw Machined Trigger Series lever blades install seamlessly into your existing RSC perch assembly. Replacement blades are provided with dual sealed ball bearings. Available in all 9 color choices. When choosing a color, keep in mind the potential for your existing perch assembly to have faded from UV exposure. A contrasting color to your existing RSC assembly is recommended. 

Customer Reviews

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Ryan Schreiber

Great feel & always poppin’

1 finger lever

Went from my 2 finger to a 1 finger lever to complete my wr450 handbrake and I'm very pleased with how it actuates and feels.

Nick Stulz
One finger trigger is an awesome lever

I use the one finger trigger lever on my 2020 yz250x woods race bike. The lever and perch are awesome. I put 300 engine hours on the first lever, so I bought a replacement lever as the perch is still in perfect condition. I prefer not to use the easy pull setting when racing. But in trail riding and hard enduro settings the easy pull can be quite pleasant and easy to switch to.

Jeremiah Sentell
Trigger lever

The trigger is the move if you do any kind of stunt riding really lets you keep a finger on the clutch without really having to try. 10/10 only lever I’ll run from now on

RSC over everything!

New to the ez pull clutch but loved how easy it was on friends bikes. Out of curiosity, I bought the RSC and another similar brand. Installation and adjustment was the same BUT the movement and finger placement on the RSC is PERFECT! Love the trigger 1 finger! Thanks RSC Team!