RSC Dirt Bike Cable Spacer

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The RSC dirt bike cable spacer is used on modern dirt bikes, to take in the extra cable slack that the RSC adjuster bolt cannot accommodate, alone. If the machine comes with a "quick adjuster" style adjuster from the factory, it will most likely require the RSC dirt bike cable spacer for proper installation of the RSC on that machine. Email with any questions.

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Fischer
Cable spacer

I didn't end up needing the spacer. I ordered it just in case... In case you're considering it for a klx300 dual sport, it is not required.
Just like the lever, it seems well made though. I will hang on to it in case I need it one day.

dominick henry
Didn’t receive.

I ordered the spacer but never received. Please send and make correct.

Jadon Lindsey
Rcs 2 finger clutch lever red

Iam be honest to get in contact and talk to someone was a pain emailed tye first time and after a couple days of hearing nothing I emailed them again and they answered and said my changes have been noted when I emailed them the first time.But I received no email letting me know that they have received me email and made the change.just all around you have to wait for it to show up don't know when or where but just know it'll come one day.But the product it self is beautiful and they know what there doing when it comes to making a clutch pull more smooth and super easy like really easy on my crf450r like almost do it with my pinky that's my review hope it helps

Dylan Mueller
Great Lever

Every bike I own gets one! And that trend won't stop

Marcus Edwards
Cable Spacer bought with 3 fingered clutch

I handed off the installation of the clutch to me CRF450L to my local mechanic and he was seriously impressed with the quality etc. Cannot wait to give it a go.