Three Finger Universal Trigger Series Raw Machined RSC Lever

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The Trigger series RSC levers were designed to provide confidence that no other lever can provide. It does just that! The trigger style lever tip comfortably locks your finger into the tip of the lever. Welcome to a new level of confidence!! This three finger Trigger series lever is a TRUE three finger lever. It is the same length as the OG Bone series full length lever. The raw machined anodized finish provides a durable, glossy, bold look. The RSC provides a larger engagement point than a stock lever, which can eliminate stalling off the gate at your next MX race, or help manage that downshift into the next berm. Stunters have also found this larger engagement point very beneficial, when slipping the clutch during technical maneuvers. Providing true easy pull geometry, the RSC is capable of reducing your clutch pull by up to 50%. The RSC lever will prove itself to be beneficial, regardless of what you ride....street, track, or trail! Precision machined out of 6061 aluminum, and equipped with dual sealed ball bearings.....the RSC might just be the best feeling lever you have ever laid a finger on. Backed by the industry exclusive RSC Lifetime Warranty, the RSC could be the last clutch lever you ever purchase! Assembled using high grade assembly lube and stainless steel hardware.

Customer Reviews

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Nick Grubbs
Five Stars for the truly righteous levers

I like it. I like it a lot. This is my third purchase. I thought it was so nice I bought it three times

Christopher Sequeira
3 finger clutch lever for my Honda 300l

The smoothest pull I've ever experienced! I will say that if you truly want to use three fingers with a gloved hand, you may want the longer lever as it's a tad short for my three fingers. All the same, after installing the lever it became clear that I don't need three fingers!

Benjamin Vogt

You only get 1 lever . For $150. Even though there are two levers in the picture. Shady business. Shame on you .

Really great product.

I have enjoyed the lever. I initially thought It wasn't going to work for me. I have a vintage bike that had a very stiff clutch. When I put the new lever on, it wouldn't fully disengage the clutch and would stall going into first. According to the instructions, I needed to use the first hole and not the second due to clutch wear. Maybe my old clutch is on its last leg! lol. Even with the change, the lever pull is still a lot smoother than with the stock lever. Honestly, it also feels like it has broken in and become even easier as I use it. I also would go up a size for what you need though. The three-finger feels more like it's for two fingers. I should have gone with the four-finger lever. Either way, I'm glad I got this product and hope this review helps anyone who might have had the engagement problem I had!

Matt $
RSC for Me!!

I have gone through five different clutch perchs and levers. None of them compare to RSC. It has a buttery smooth pull and the action is super light! The pull is shorter making it easier with my small hands! I originally got a three finger but I might try the single finger because the pull is super light. This makes riding Enduro so much easier!!! RSC for me!!!